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COVID Vaccines Don't Affect Fertility or Sexual Function

NEW! COVID Vaccines Don’t Affect Fertility or Sexual Function

Stories and falsehoods concerning the COVID-19 vaccine’s impacts on all aspects of reproduction and sexual functioning have spread over social media platforms like a Delta type of viral disinformation, where people swap rumors of erectile dysfunction and fertility disruptions after immunization. Vaccines have not been connected to difficulties with pregnancy, menstrual periods, erectile performance, or…

When Scientists Trust Their Gut

New! When Scientists Trust Their Gut

Maverick individuals who make a huge difference through their spot-on hunches are becoming an increasingly rare breed in this age of big research, with fundamental physics generally investigated in sprawling institutions such as CERN and LIGO. As a result, those who have done so in the past have taken on a mythic nature. Because of…

A New Idea to Understand Autism

A New Idea to Understand Autism

As social beings, we tend to focus on autism’s social issues, such as difficulty speaking, establishing friends, and displaying empathy. I am a geneticist and the mother of an autistic adolescent. I’m concerned, too, about whether he’ll be able to carry on a conversation and go grocery shopping, as well as whether he’ll ever have…