Science Cellular stress

How cells’ stress response is controlled by a gene associated with Nascimento Syndrome?

Cellular response to stress Cellular stress can be defined as a state in which the cell does not have optimal survival conditions. Extreme temperatures, toxins, lack of oxygen, oxidative injury, or mechanical shock are some examples of stressors that can harm cells. As a result, they go through a series of chemical changes known as…

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Science Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash

How does information processing occur in our brain?

The brain is often compared to a computer’s CPU. This analogy isn’t perfect. Complex computer gear that renovates raw data into thoughts, memories, and cognition. cognitive engine Intellectual engine It can use raw data, so don’t worry. Instructional designers must be aware of its limits to create efficacious e-learning courses for students. Despite this, it’s…

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Science Cellular Senescence

Can Cellular Senescence Be the Key for Life Extension?

With the advent of Science and scientific inventions in recent years, a phenomenon with significant potential has been discovered and observed almost everywhere. These scientific discoveries always intrigue the human imagination and stir the dominant ideas in it for its impossibility. One such idea is Life Extension—which extends the lifespan of humans or other organisms.…

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